Lesson: 2.1 Printing in Java

Now that you’re comfortable using basic Java commands, it’s time to move into the Java console environment.

  • This program extends ConsoleProgram instead of Karel. This tells the program that it’s going to use the console instead of a Karel grid world.
  • The text is printed to the console with the System.out.println() command.

Lesson: 2.2 Variables and Types

Variables allow us to store information such as numbers, words, or true/false expressions. A variable can be thought of as a box that stores information inside. In Java, variables are composed of three things: a name, type, and value.

Lesson: 2.3 User Input

Being able to obtain user input creates new opportunities while coding. This allows us to take in data from the user to make our programs work for them.

Lesson: 2.4 Arithmetic Expressions

Arithmetic Expressions allow us to perform mathematical operations within Java.

Such expressions can be used for basic math and even more complex algorithms.

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